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Our car is a Land Rover Serie 3 - 109 from 1980. 

Land Rover is THE car that represent adventure. Look at the movies, pictures, documentaries, ... almost all of the adventurers drive a Land Rover when they go on the way. Wether they cross deserts, jungles, mountains, beaches .. the car drives through it ! And when you will drive the car you will have a sample of what was driving a car like this in those environments ! 

She's a lucky one because she spent a bit more than 40 years under the warm sun of Alicante (Spain).

As it is the first car of our project we have named the car Maurice in memory of Maurice Wilks the Land Rover creator in 1948. (but you can call it Momo) 

The car was assembled in the Santana factory in Spain in November 1980.

Maurice goes every year through a deep analyse at the garage in order to prevent any problem when starting the engine, or driving with it. but as you might guess, it's not a young lady, so please drive smoothly. 

PS  : Land Rover Series are the first models of what is called today Land Rover Defender

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