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Land Rover Serie 3.webp
Drive an old
Land Rover 
Private  Area
& Fire Pit
Diner & Breakfast 
Sleep in the car

DEFCAMP experiences are located in great and green properties. 

The DEFCAMP experience is a unique moment where you can have a sample of what great adventurers may have lived when they explored the world a century ago: with rudimentary vehicles, cross no roads landscapes and camp every night in the middle of the wild.  

Our first location has found its roots in Rixensart, in the private property of the castle with more than 150 hectares of wood. 

Next locations are under discussion. 


After to have driven with the car (on the property only), to your base camp

you will set up your camp and start your fire.

All the equipment is supplied on the car or on site. 

On the rooftop you will find the fridge box, the material box and water reserve, the awning. 

In the car, you'll find the bedroom, a gas burner, bedside lamps, etc

We supplied also the car with a backup battery in order for you to load up your devices 

On site you'll find an eco-toilet, table and chairs, the fire, wood logs reserve. 

The Defcamp is born with 2 passions : nature and adventure. Nature is surrounding us, and we would like to share the opportunity to go back in the nature and have a wonderfull moment by sleeping in the woods. 

Adventure is linked with the nature because their can always be something special coming out of there. 

In our eyes, the Land Rover Series are the cars that represent adventure into the wild at the best. 

In the heart of the Walloon Brabant and in the very charming and glamorous estate of Rixensart's castle, you will live a unforgettable night in the middle of the nature, protected by the robust Land Rover. 

Maxime & thea

“We had a very nice moment, the two of us, and it was very funny to drive that old car.   ”

Koen & Joke

“Beautiful castle and estate. We 've spent the night out of time around the camp fire. The food and the wine were great”

Guillaume & Eleanore

“Very orignal and unique experience. I felt like Indiana Jones, driving this old Land Rover”

Our partners

It's for us very important to work with local partners and to offer the most local food and services. This contribute to :

- decrease our impact on our planet and local environment,

- to increase the economical impact with local shops

- to ensure to offer the best quality of food and material to our customers

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Even if we have already nice solutions, we are still looking for our wine partner... but it will come soon ! 

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