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The Defcamp is quite unusual for an unusual night ... 

Therefor we have shortlisted all the specific questions you may have in order for you to have a clear view of what you might expect from this experience

1; Do we really drive with the car ?

Yes you do. You will drive a Land Rover Santana 109 built in 1980. Don't be scared the parcour is for everybody. but you must hold a valid driving licence. 

7 Ho gosch ... I forgot something in my car !

Once you have set the car and your camp, we ask not to ride with the car anymore until the end of your stay. 

But no worries, you are only 10 minutes walk from the castle where your car waits for you.

2. May I drive out of the property ?

No, the car is specifically insured to be driven only on the property. We 've also put a GPS tracer to be sure nobody drives out of the property. 

3. May we camp where we want ? 

Even if the property is very large, we have decided to put the camp site on one single place for different good reasons : 

       1. The toilets ... better to have them not too far from the car

       2. You will stay on a Natura 2000 site.  To have multiple

           camp sites will not contribute to preserve this environment

8. Where do I find the material ?

We have supplied the car with everything you may need 

- cooler

- material trunk

- bed

- lights

- backup battery

- table & chairs

- water reserve

- awning

- etc

9. May I make a fire?
4. Do we have to order our diner at Defcamp ?

We propose you a full bbq to cook on the fire. (Apetizer and diner but also wine, champagne, beer, or soft ). We supply at local butcher, bakery, wine shop etc 

But you are free to bring your own food with you. 

The breakfast is always included

What would be a night in the woods if you can't make a fire ? So, yes, there is a fire pit to make a fire and even cook your food if you like . 

Again, due to the Natura 2000 environment, you will only have to make the fire in the pit and not on the ground. 

10. Is there anything specific I need to know about the car or something else ?
5. Is the Defcamp child friendly ?

We are thinking about it. The car is not supplied with any other bed that the one for 2 people at the back of the car. 

A baby can come with you but older children will be difficult. 

But we promis to develop a family friendly car very soon. 

Yes of course, a few details, but no worries, we have gathered all the details in a roadbook you'll find in the car. You are requested to read a few important information under more how to start or turn off the car.

6.May I bring my dog with me ? 

We do love dogs very much but unfortunately they will have to stay at home this night. There is some wild living in the wood and dogs do frighten them. Dogs can not sleep in the car either

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