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A unusual night together... an exceptional property...

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... with a touch of adventure.

Micro Adventure camping


Defcamp is an unusual night experience. We give you all the necessary supply and then you will be on your own but in a safe environment. 

Experience the unique opportunity to drive on the property with a Land Rover Series 3 (from 1980)  to your camping spot on the property and back to the castle. 

So you'll stay on the property with the car but it's big enough to drive a while !

Live a unique moment with your lover or friend around a warm fire and enjoy to spend some time together on an unusual night in the woods. 


true moments


Back to basics

Take the time to reconnect with the nature with a funny way. Spend some moments with your beloved one in the middle of the woods. 

Do something different and you will love it ! 

Sasha & Valentin

“Very original, unusual, adventurous et most of all very funny. Comfort and good quality of material. thank you very much   ”

Koen & Joke

“Beautiful castle and estate. We 've spent the night out of time around the camp fire. The food and the wine were great”

Guillaume & Eleanore

“Very orignal and unique experience. I felt like Indiana Jones driving this old Land Rover. ”


They speak about us ... 


Others to come

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